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By now, you must have noticed how water does not naturally flow out of the garage or patio. The water just gathers there like a reservoir. But, the last time you checked, the garage or patio flooring should have been designed to slope downward to allow water from rainfall or snow finds its way out. 

You need Chattanooga Concrete Pros to fix this. And you need their services as soon as possible because you know this regular gathering of water on the concrete floor isn’t going to end well! It is important to note that fixing the slope of the concrete does not necessarily require you to overhaul the whole garage or flooring. 

Wherever it is that you need the slope to be corrected, just adding a thin slab of concrete on it should be enough to fix it. This is the case if other solutions like gutters or creating a waterway are not possible.

Leveling Poorly Sloped Concrete

The process is as follows:

First of all, you need to clean debris and any form of vegetation on the floor. The presence of trash or grass on the floor surface leaves room for cracks to appear. So, make sure you get rid of it all. 

After clearing the debris, the next step is to prep the floor to have the concrete mix be neatly spread and ensure adhesion.

Set the slope with a trawlable grade concrete topping mix.

When installing a new slab, you need to pay attention to the height of the top part of the area. It needs to have at least .20-.25 inches of height difference per foot length. And while you do this, remember that water must flow away from the foundation as well.

Cure the surface before sealing, coloring or stamping.

After the concrete slab has been correctly spread, next is to give it a finishing touch.

Likely Challenges

Leveling the sloped concrete on your own can be challenging. Most people assume that you may need to break the base concrete to get the sloping done. But, this is not required all the time.

In a situation where you need to break the concrete, then you will definitely need a lot of manpower to do the job.  Because it is a labor-intensive activity that requires multiple people working on it to get the job done quickly. That is also why you need Chattanooga Concrete Pros to work on the job. It’s best to find people who are experienced and knowledgeable about the challenges of the situation, so you don’t risk breaking your back carrying the mixture and trying to spread it here and there.

There are many other perks in hiring professionals to help slope your concrete flooring. These people know exactly what to do, and they have the experience in doing it, so it’s not just the labor, but the accuracy and results. You might have the book, but these people have their body and eyes trained to see if the slope is good enough. In fact, they see things that you don’t usually pay attention to!

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