When looking for a surface material to bring you strength, beauty and dependability, looking to concrete flooring has the means to fulfill your needs. When choosing Chattanooga Concrete Pros for your concrete floor installation, you can depend on quality offerings that have been honed over years of concrete services in the Chattanooga area. No matter the location or type of building, you can be sure that we have the capability to present you with an installation service that will hold up to years of use, and the polishing service to lock in the appeal.

Polished Finish

Concrete is a highly durable material, chosen for a myriad of uses across the city, yet naturally and without any form of finish in place, the material itself is porous and prone to collecting fluids, dirt and dust that finds its way upon it. Choosing to have a concrete polishing finish brought to your installation will ensure that you have the means to enjoy the benefit and beauty of your floor by bringing a layer of protection that also ensures that you have the ease of maintenance and allergen repellant coating you can count on.

Commercial Services

Many commercial properties rely on polished concrete floors to bring an aesthetic touch while ensuring that your concrete flooring has the capability to handle the wear and tear it will be subjected to over your course of ownership. When looking to have concrete repairs brought to your flooring, or to have the polish refinished through, we understand your need to have work carried out in a way that has minimal impact on your business. Choosing the experts at Chattanooga Concrete Pros will ensure that you can have the benefits of our services in place, while we continually keep in mind your need to operate.


We are here to bring any concrete services you need, and this includes providing you the means to effectively deliver treatment to finishing options. Whether your former concrete polishing is dull and scuffed after years of use, or you’re looking to refresh the look of your flooring, you can count on us for the professional resurfacing service needed to rejuvenate your floors. Our concrete flooring options are dedicated to bringing you the perfect results needed for your property, whether commercial or residential and to providing the quality look you’ve grown accustomed to over the years.

Dependable and Affordable

Of your local choice in concrete companies to choose from, Chattanooga Concrete Pros is one dedicated to dependability and affordability in everything we do. From the moment you make the call to our offices, to the finished result of our experienced work on your property, you can be sure that we are continually hard at work for you, ensuring that you get the best possible results from our work. When you need an installer or concrete repair specialist you can count on, choosing the longstanding services that we have been bringing to Chattanooga will deliver results you can see.

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