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Looking for a concrete contractors? The reason why we have come to depend on concrete for so many years as a building material is due to its inherent characteristics. Strength, dependability, beauty, all the things we look for when it comes to providing the space we will utilize for years to come.  In order to bring out the best in these materials, concrete construction companies have been specializing their capabilities, and none more so in the area of Chattanooga TN than Concrete Pro Chattanooga.

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We are the concrete contractors to bring the city of Chattanooga, TN the means to the best in concrete installation, repair and replacement. Whether you want concrete flooring, concrete patios,  sidewalks, walkways, driveway replacement, or a retaining wall upon your property, you can count on us with the extensive experience that we bring to your area.

We have a team of concrete contractors you need to fulfill a wide variety of concrete service, and whether it’s foundations or concrete finishing, we are continually bringing the entire weight of our expertise to bear on your needs in particular. If you want affordability that doesn’t forego quality, you have the services provider at hand. Call us now for more information.


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The concrete work we bring to your needs has been honed over years of experience, trial and error. This means that when you have a concrete contractor expert from Chattanooga Concrete Pros to bring you installations or repairs, you have a service that has been put through the paces and knows how to provide you with the best. We aim to stay in the lead of choices in local concrete companies in Chattanooga TN by bringing you a service that is centered around you, your particular requirements, and providing you with the strength and design you needed for a dependable finish.

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​New Concrete

We have been bringing the variety of required concrete installations needed across the city for many years. Whether you’re looking for a new parking lot, walkway, foundations or concrete sidewalks, we have your projects covered. We provide you with a service based on the highest quality concrete brought to your task by a team of experienced professionals and ensure that the results provided are exactly measured to fit your needs, and to provide you with longevity you can count on.

Parking Lots & Sidewalks

From commercial concrete parking lots, to walkways and sidewalks for residential properties, we have the means to fulfill your concrete projects whatever they may be. When choosing a Concrete Contractor in Chattanooga TN area for your installation services, you can count on the best possible prices in the city, through dependable services desiccated to a result that makes a statement regarding our capability. From stained to stamped, we have the ability to bring you the best concrete around.

Retaining Walls

If your retaining walls suffers from leveling inconsistency, above ground water or otherwise, looking into a concrete wall to provide you with the assistance and strength needed is pertinent. We have the means to design and install the retaining wall you need, as well as the ability to provide you with the high-quality repair services you can count on to keep your structure standing. Whatever your need, call to our office in Chattanooga, TN area to speak with a team of concrete professionals to talk about your project.

​Concrete Replacement

Whether for foundations, driveways or concrete patios, we have the team of expert concrete professionals to have a concrete replacement carried out in haste and efficiency. By providing you with the best possible services at the most affordable rates, we aim to bring you the variety of benefits you need to step into your replacement project with confidence. Whether you are doing a simple area renovation, you can count on Concrete Pro Chattanooga to deliver the best.

Polished Concrete Floor

Both commercial and residential properties can count on polished concrete flooring options for their buildings, and when you want a professional concrete experts attention brought to either, you can trust us in our experts. We provide you with the capability to effectively refinish floors, to bring new installations you can count on, and to deliver results that are sure to turn some heads downward in admiration of the aesthetic and practical benefit for your floors.

Crack & Joint Repair

Chattanooga Concrete Contractors brings you both the concrete crack repair you need, and the seamless joint integration required to keep your surfaces strong and looking great. We bring the full weight of our extensive experience to suit your expectations and aim to provide you with the best possible solutions to a myriad of potential concrete issues. When you need a concrete specialist to keep your surfaces looking great or you just need a driveway replacement, you can count on the professional touch we bring.


Choosing to call Concrete Pro Chattanooga for your needs will soon have you on the line with a team of experienced professional concrete contractors who is placed to provide you with speed and efficiency when it comes to fulfilling your concrete projects. Whether you would like more information regarding the services we bring or would like to know more about concrete repair cost, you have the access with only a simple phone call. When you find yourself looking for a customer centric service providers in Chattanooga TN area, choosing your local experts at Concrete Pro Chattanooga will provide you with a service surrounding your concrete projects, and dedicated to results. Contact us today.


Customers reviews

“I knew that my property in Chattanooga TN would be in need of a retaining wall when I bought it, so I coupled my foundation service with this installation. Concrete Pro Chattanooga was more than capable to handle all of my concrete projects and each service they carried out turned out perfectly.”
Trevor S.
I have a polished concrete floor in my restaurant in Chattanooga TN, and after years of use it really needed to be refinished. I called Concrete Pro Chattanooga to have the service done and they were more than happy to oblige. An afternoon later, my floor was beautiful and setting once more.”
Lisa J.
“For my parent’s anniversary I decided to finally get them the patio replacement in their back yard area that they’ve been looking for. The previous installation being decades old. Concrete Pro Chattanooga was affordable, a team consisting of professional concrete contractor, and the results of the work they brought really spoke for itself as to quality.”
Rich F.
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